Butter Side Up

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  • Friday 5th June Wire, Leeds
  • XDB
  • Metrolux / Sistrum Records

This year has been an absolute whirlwind for the BSU camp! We’ve showcased some of the finest across the electronic music sphere from the likes of Detroit, New York, Berlin and some superior homegrown talent thrown in for good measure. To see off the season we’ve invited one of the most interesting and talented chaps that has put needle to wax in the last 25 years or so…say hello to Kosta Athanassiadis AKA XDB!

Kosta has been pushing the boundaries of all forms of house, shimmering dub techno and even more weird and wonderful sounds since the early 90s where he kicked off his multi talented persona whilst working in a record shop in his native Germany. His sleek productions and timeless selections have graced the airwaves through a multitude of high grade labels, in particular Sistrum, Deep Space Media, Dolly, Echochord and his very own baby, Metrolux. Working with Kassem Mosse on a split 12′ and remix work for Detroit heroes Norm Talley and Aaron Carl has cemented Kosta in the hearts of many a discerning record collector.

Aside from his superior production talent, XDB is certainly one of a kind when it comes to pulling out some serious electronic rarities from the depths of his 10,000 deep vinyl collection. It’s safe to say that this guy is packing an untold amount of sonic pressure. Playing right across the board of electronic music, letting songs breathe when needs be, and delivering plenty of head-scratching ‘what the hell is this track?’ moments.

£6 / £8