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Friends & Family Party
  • Friday 29th August Wire, Leeds
  • Friends & Family Party
  • Free Summer Party


Hamish Cole (Butter Side Up) B2B Josh Tweek (Louche)
Hugh Bailey (Butter Side Up) B2B TMS (Odd Socks)
Jonny Sleight (Butter Side Up) B2B Toby Nicholas (Six Axle)
Ciaran Hansen (Butter Side Up) B2B Jeremy Toast (Dog Eat Dog)

Welcome back to the party fellow dairy revellers! After a brief hiatus setting sail through the festival cosmos, SS BSU has touched down at Wire again…and we have brought along a selection of some of the soundest chaps knocking about to provide you with a soundtrack of the sleaziest order that even Ron Jeremy wouldn’t look out of place five pingers deep at the front.

First up we welcome one of the big dogs from across the Pennines who goes by the name of Toby Nicholas. Dog Eat Dog resident, tiptop lad and all round heavyweight selector who is bred from the finest stock given he is the younger kin of our next guest…Josh Tweek. Josh has been flying the flag for Brits abroad in Berlin bringing his party boy rep and unquestionably unique, quirky blend of electronic vibes to the Odd Socks camp. One of Leeds’ most treasured sons, Josh is still holding it down showing the Berlin heads how Louche throws a party at their new Berlin home, Chalet.

Another Odd Socks recruit comes in the form of Thomas (TMS). Big, bad and heavy, Thomas’ selection is unparalleled if we’re talking gritty beats and crunchy basslines. Born out of Leeds and normally found giving a big fuck you to a lot of the stereotypes found lurking in this ever evolving musical menagerie, Thomas will no doubt be packing some serious heat fo y’all.

Finally, it is a pleasure to welcome one of Pontefract’s finest exports and a rare appearance from it’s most seedy of sons, Jeremy Toast. Not much is known about this rare breed, however if you give him an inch he will be sure to see you off in true Ponte style. You really need to see this reprobate in the flesh to see what we’re getting at…a real anomaly.

So, there we have it. A truly stand up selection of top lads brought together for one night of pure unadulterated sonic indulgence!

Guest list / Entry

- For free guest list email full names to hamish@buttersideup.net
- Entry with out guest list is £5 on the door all night
- Guest list will shut at midnight sharp, so please arrive before then to gain free entry

Free Entry with guest list / £5 Without
23:00 - 06:00