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Tama Sumo (Extended Set)
  • Friday 14th November Wire, Leeds
  • Tama Sumo (Extended Set)
  • Ostgut Ton / Panorama Bar)

Four years has passed in what seems like a hot minute! Straight back to business though as normal service resumes and it is on that note that we can introduce our next guest…one of the Berlin big hitters makes the trip over to the BSU basement…guten tag TAMA SUMO!

Tama definitely needs no introduction to you lovely lot…she has warmed the hearts of many a music lover in the city time and time again for our close mates over at Louche so it’s an absolute bloody honour to have her come and throw it down for us! Kickin’ it in Berlin since the very beginnings of the techno movement, Tama thrived as she brought something different to the table…a whole bunch of sublime house cuts in a scene saturated with techno music. Don’t get us wrong, she can seriously lay down some superior techno beats but it is her musical versatility that has set her apart from many of her peers over the last 20 years.

Residencies at Tresor and the early days of Ostgut, now the dearly beloved institution that is Berghain/Panorama Bar, have seen Tama evolve in to one of the most stylistically unique selectors on the planet. House, techno, acid, electro, italo disco and even the most obscurest of wax cuts…she’s got the lot, and then some! All this in our intimate little basement means one thing and one thing only…we’re going IN.

£6 / £8
23:00 - 06:00