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Fred P
  • Friday 13th March Wire, Leeds
  • Fred P
  • Soul People Music / Boards, USA

We’re continuing our 2015 ventures with another first class export from across the pond. Brooklyn’s finest joins us for a 3-hour master class of precision beat engineering in the guise of FRED P.

Mr Peterkin is the definition of consistency when it comes to his musical output, a man who is about as scientifically on point as a Turing machine for those in the know; especially if we are talking sonic craftsmanship. His work under his own name, as well as Black Jazz Consortium and more recently his Anomaly alias, paved the way for a new breed of house and techno music straight out of the hustle and bustle of NYC alongside luminaries such as Levon Vincent and Underground Quality head badman, Jus Ed. Influenced by the multicultural populous of NYC during the late 70s, 80s and 90s, Fred has grown up listening to a hazy mixture of psychedelic rock, reggae, hip hop, electro, disco and of course, the sublime house creations that New York has been so revered for which has in turn providing the building blocks of his own superlative electronic sound.

Fred has carved out his own niche over the last few years with numerous electronic masterpieces, either coming through his own imprints, namely Soul People Music and Boards, or sometimes a rare foray on to other labels such as Underground Quality, Mule Musiq and Esperanza. Fred’s ‘reshapes’ have really come to be a prominent fixture in our record bags over the last couple of years, which is one of many reasons we simply had to have him throw it down for us. His unique brand of hypnotic textures and raw beat programming is mimicked in his unbelievably scientific DJ logic. Blending the old and new is a primary fixture in his sets, be it Chicago, Detroit, New York, Berlin and the like, Fred brings the sounds of the future straight to your eardrums. It will be a true pleasure to see this guy in action so intimately.

£6 / £8 / £10